Wycliffe grad blogs for The Living Church

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Congratulations to Cole William Hartin (who graduated with the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, as part of Wycliffe's class of 2019) for his wonderful and winsome piece published on the Covenant, a weblog of The Living Church website. It's titled, 10 Ordinary Lessons from Doing a PhD in Theology and begins "This past week I fulfilled the last of the requirements to graduate with my PhD in Theological Studies from Wycliffe College at the University of Toronto. After five years of classes, teaching assistantships, exams, outlines, research, writing, an oral defense, and several seemingly arbitrary formatting requirements, my hands are now clean of it." Cole's pointers range from the practical (how to get protein, cheaply) to the profound (failure can be a stepping stone to holiness). It's a good piece of wisdom, and not just for academics.