Wycliffe Wellness Project

What is the Wycliffe Wellness Project?

The Wycliffe Wellness Project is a long term study and assessment tool aimed at better understanding the ups and downs of ministry life. More specifically, our goal is to gain insight into the aspects that are particularly stressful and especially satisfying, and how these “stressors” and “satisfiers” interact to impact the experience of ministry life.

In this project we are asking participants to complete a set of questionnaires, after which they will be invited to have a conversation with a member of the research team about what we learned from the information they provided. During this conversation, we will provide feedback in the form of a confidential Personal Feedback Summary. Given that this is a long term study, we will be asking those involved to participate again at 3-year intervals. That being said, participation is entirely voluntary, and those who participate at one point in time are not obligated to continue should they wish to withdraw from the project.

We are looking for individuals who are currently active in a church or community-based ministry setting, including those who are chaplains serving in schools, prisons, hospitals or the military.

If you fit this criteria and wish to participate, please continue by reading our FAQ page for more specific details and information regarding the study. Once you have done this and are ready to participate, please click here. If you have further questions about the study, you are always welcome to contact us.