Guide For the Christian Perplexed

Thomas P. Power (editor)
Wipf and Stock

Thoughtful Christians are legitimately perplexed by a number of issues relating to the church's belief and practice. They are perplexed partly because they recognize that the issues themselves are thorny, and partly because they are not sure how to test the mutually inconsistent theories and explanations affirmed by diverse voices speaking with equal assurance. 

Most Christians find relatively little occasion or encouragement to address their perplexities with intellectual candor and integrity. If they dare to acknowledge their theological perplexities at all, they are too often told that these perplexities are unimportant, or that they can be answered very simply, or that they should be left to the experts. 

Guide for the Christian Perplexed, written by members of the faculty of Wycliffe College, Toronto, aims to explore a diversity of issues and questions to do with

o our knowledge of Jesus 
o the meaning of suffering
o the function of doctrine
o the understanding of Scripture
o the place of other religions
o the challenge of atheism
o sexuality
o the nature of worship 
o the way to evangelize
o understanding who our neighbor is locally and globally
o diversities of spirituality

Here you will find thoughtful reflections and answers to the questions around these issues. A study guide is included for individual and group use.

"It's risky to offer oneself as guide as one isn't sure the reader will end up where you had in mind. These writers know that, for that is their profession. They also know this: that for answers to have meaning they must be found, and inquiry into the mystery of God involves more than writers as guide.
This is a marvelous grouping of paths for the pilgrim on which they point out turns, junctions and dead ends."
—Brian C Stiller
Global Ambassador, World Evangelical Alliance
President Emeritus, Tyndale University College and Seminary