Messy Church Canada

Welcome to Messy Church Canada!

Looking for a way to reach families who are not in our churches on Sundays?

Messy Church Canada (MCC) equips churches to minister to families for whom traditional Sunday worship is no longer a viable option. MCC runs workshops to help church leaders start and maintain a Messy Church, publishes a monthly eNewsletter, provides resources for Messy Churches and supports Messy Churches across Canada. 

Messy Church:

  • is a way of being church for families involving fun
  • is found across the world
  • is ecumenical

Messy Church Values:

  • being Christ-centred
  • for all ages,
  • creativity,
  • hospitality and
  • celebration

Messy Church typically runs once a month, often on a weeknight from about 5:00pm to 7:00pm centred around a Bible theme. The gathering begins with a welcome, followed by crafts, activities and games, then a short celebration (song, story and prayer), then a prepared meal and departure with material to take home.