Master of Theological Studies in Development (MTSD)

MTSD Student

Theology and community development, collaborating for the peace of the city.


Help People Make a Difference:

  • Explore urban challenges: faith, justice, inequality, poverty, community economics, food security and sustainable community well-being.

  • Build relationships with experts, academics, NGOs and agencies.

  • Find your vocation for community transformation.


Who It’s For? 

  • The MTSD is for development practitioners, community leaders, street-level innovators, social entrepreneurs, justice and peace advocates, NGO managers and faith-based urban visionaries.


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Flexible Study Options


Program Components

  • Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree (any subject) with a minimum "B-" average (70%; cGPA 2.7/4.0)
  • Program length: 2+ years, depending on full-time/part-time status
  • Courses: 11 core courses, 5-6 electives, 1 placement, and an experiential learning paper
  • Experience: 1 placement (4-7 months). Scroll below for domestic/international options.
  • Total credits: 20 (1 course = 1 credit). For the credit/course breakdown, see the program worksheet.

Course Requirements


Three of the following six (one OT, one NT, and one ST)

  • WYB1008H Intro to Old Testament I  (1 credit)

  • WYB1009H Intro to Old Testament II (1 credit)

  • WYB1501H From the Gospel to the Gospels (NTI) (1 credit)

  • WYB2660H Who is Jesus? (NTII) (1 credit)

  • WYT1101H Systematic Theology I (1 credit)

  • WYT2101H Systematic Theology II (1 credit)

Plus three electives for a total of six courses (see guidelines)


  • WYP1615HF International Development (1 credit)

  • WYP1616HS Community Development (1 credit)

  • WYP2623HF Urban Poverty & Theology (1 credit)

  • Courses in Development Foundations (see guidelines) (2 credits)


  • WYP1617H Community Assessment and Design (1 credit)

  • WYP1609H Facilitation and Workshop Design (1 credit)

  • WYP2641H Community Development: Tools & Practices (1 credit)


  • Experiential Learning Module (4 to 7 months) (2 credits)

  • Experiential Learning Paper or Extended Research Paper (1 or 2 credits)

FREE ELECTIVES (2 or 3 credits)

  • Electives may include other courses taught at Wycliffe or other TST colleges.


Program Worksheet

  • The MTSD Program Worksheet can be found here.


Qualifying for Doctoral Study

Students who achieve an "A-" average and develop an academic focus with a thesis during their program may use the MTSD to qualify for doctoral study in the Toronto School of Theology.


Experiential Learning Module (ELM)

  • When: 4-7 months at the end of the first year of studies
  • Where: domestic or international 
  • Final Paper: analyze the experience and prepare for future work


List of Partner Organizations:

A Rocha

Name of Organization: A Rocha Canada - Christians In Conservation (Environmental Stewardship, Inspiring Change, Caring for Creationervation) 

Address of Organization: National office: 19353 16th Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 9V2. Currently no office in the Greater Toronto Area.  


Contact Person: National (BC) office: Steven Mueller, Director of Operations, or Queenie Bei, Community Garden Network, National Coordinator for the GTA posting. 

Phone: National Office (BC): 604-542-9022. 

EmailNational Office or Community Garden Network 

Work of organization: A Rocha is an international conservation organization working to show God's love for all creation. We work out our commitment to environmental action through community-based conservation projects, with a focus on science and research, practical conservation, and environmental education. 

Kinds of internships:

1. A Rocha - GTA

(a) Community Garden Network, Regional Organizer

This position provides one or two interns with the opportunity to assist in establishing a supportive network of church-based community gardens in the Toronto area.

The intern(s) will liaise with A Rocha's national Community Garden Network Coordinator, local community, church garden coordinators and churches to perform the following tasks:

  1. organizing community gardening events and workshops
  2. participating in garden work bees, and
  3. developing effective communication tools and resources for the GTA-based Garden Network. The goal is to facilitate community engagement connecting community gardening and growing food as an integral outworking of Christian faith. 

The position will enable the intern(s) to learn about sustainable food systems, increase their networking and communication skills, and connect faith and creation care. 

2. National Office (Surrey, BC)

(a) Environmental Education Intern

This position is suited for an applicant who is passionate, experienced, and confident in working with children. The position would provide the opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience, while facilitating activities for groups of children for school programs, day camp programs, summer camp workshops and community events held on and off-site. Further duties include research and development of resources for these programs. 

(b) Sustainable Agriculture Intern
Gain valuable experience in small-scale sustainable agriculture/community shared agriculture (CSA) by assisting the Farm & Nursery Manager to plan, manage and implement the garden season, as well as assist with the work of the native plant nursery. Position includes physical labour outdoors, planting, harvesting, weeding, watering in the garden; organizing and assisting with weekend watering schedules; liaising with community members and project shareholders; and supervision of volunteers. 

(c) Conservation Intern
Develop and participate in fish and wildlife conservation and enhancement projects such as fish, amphibian and bird enhancements, native plantings, and various wildlife surveys. Participate in local stewardship events, liaise with community members and supervise volunteers. Research and develop resource materials related to stewardship and fish and wildlife habitat. Assist with the native plant nursery. 

3. A Rocha International
For international internship opportunities, see here.

Desirable skills:
Interns should have a strong and proven interest in conservation and/or sustainable living initiatives and understand the imperative to steward God's creation as an integral part of Jesus' command to love God with our whole being, and to love others as ourselves. Interns should possess the following skills and interests:

  • organized, yet flexible;
  • enjoy speaking in front of groups, facilitating discussions, and community organizing;
  • strong verbal and written communication skills;
  • self-initiative and willingness to share their ideas;
  • willingness to work with a project in its infancy stages;
  • willingness to work outdoors and in inclement weather, depending on the nature of the responsibilities.

Surrey Centre: Please see our website

Number of internships: GTA: 1-2; A Rocha Canada Brooksdale Environmental Centre: 3. 

Location of internships: GTA (work from home and/or possibly in a church office) Toronto; Brooksdale Environmental Centre: Surrey, British Columbia. 

Duration of internships: Three months minimum. 

Costs: To be determined; assistance with travel costs within the GTA may be provided. 

Accommodation: Billeting options may be available for GTA interns. For BC interns, Surrey Centre room and board is available for $600.00/month. For further information about international internships with A Rocha, please see here

Insurance: No.  

Medical coverage: Not provided. Interns who are residents of Ontario are covered under the provincial health insurance plan. Canadian students from outside of Ontario and international students must possess proof of appropriate medical/health insurance. 

Training: Informal, on-the-job training, with opportunities to liaise with A Rocha Canada national staff and GTA Stewardship Coordinator, Paul Abell.  

Evaluation: Yes 

Volunteering: A Rocha Canada is always looking for volunteers. Whether you would like to get your hands dirty at one of our Field Study Centres, help out in our National Office, get involved with the emerging program in the GTA, or offer your skills remotely in your area of expertise, we would love to hear from you. 

Faith statement: There is no statement of faith to subscribe to; however, it is important that interns be accepting of A Rocha's Five Committments while working in an internship. 

Contract: Contracts will be negotiated and devised on a per case basis.  

Deadline. No. 

Application to: To apply please send by email a cover letter and CV (in PDF or similar format) to the appropriate individual mentioned above.

Canadian Council of Churches

Name of Organization: The Canadian Council of Churches. 

Address of Organization: 47 Queen's Park Crescent, Toronto, ON, M5S 2C3. 


Contact Person: Peter Noteboom. 

Phone: 416-939-3595  

EmailPeter Noteboom

Work of organization: The purposes and functions of the Council shall be to serve God's mission in the world, to give expression to the unity which is offered to the world through Jesus Christ, to witness to the continuing renewal of the Church by the Holy Spirit, to promote the growth of ecumenical and missionary obedience among all Christians, and to facilitate common action by the member churches (from CCC Constitution). 

Kinds of internships: Students and interns usually focus on helping with a particular project that aligns the student's interest and passion with the current needs of the Council. In recent years there have been internships in human trafficking, the truth and reconciliation commission, interfaith climate justice, anti-racism, and communications, for example. Usually the intern works closely with either the Faith and Witness side of the Council (currently focusing on the theological foundations of pluralism in Canada), and Justice and Peace (current priorities include climate justice, poverty in Canada, rights of indigenous peoples, human trafficking, faith and genetics, religious freedom, for example). 

Desirable skills: We are looking for interns who are curious and interested to learn more about theological refleciton on the issues facing the church today, Christians growing in greater unity, faith in the public square, and cooperating with other faith communities. 

Number of internships: 1-2. 

Location of internships: Toronto (Toronto School of Theology building). 

Duration of internships: 3 months to one year. 

Costs: None. 

Accommodation: No. 

Insurance: None. 

Medical coverage: No. 

Training: The internship itself is seen as a training and learning program, learning by doing. Typically supervision on the broader issues of how ecumenism works, what dialogue looks like and feels like, and facilitating common action is provided by the General Secretary. The identification and oversight of the particular project, developing achievement-based learning objectives, and preparing a learning and workplan, and accompanying the accomplishment of the project is carried out by the relevant program staff. 

Evaluation: There is ongoing evaluation, and a debriefing at the end of the internship. Typically, we also complete the relevant paperwork required by the academic program. 

Volunteering: Volunteers are always welcome at the CCC. 

Faith Statement: No. See basic information on the CCC. 

Application Form: No specific form required, we usually work with the ones used by the academic institution. 

Application to: Peter Noteboom, Deputy General Secretary, or Karen Hamilton, General Secretary. 

Deadline: No. 

Contract: No specific contract, but we usually draw up a brief agreement together describing the project, what needs to get done, the pace of work and draft workplan, supervision expectations, and office space as needed.

International Teams (Canada): The Forge

Name of Organization: International Teams Canada

Address of Organization: 1 Union St, Elmira, ON N3B 3J9


Contact Person: Greg Reader

Phone: 519-669-8844.

Work of organization

Work of organization: iTeams Canada is a Christian charity working to end poverty by providing education and the necessities of life to vulnerable people around the world.  Our work is accomplished through partnership with churches, businesses and grass-root networks of passionate people investing their time, resources and abilities. Our Impact Programs work with locally-based partners to overcome poverty through programs and support. With access to life's necessities, communities become self-sustaining and quality of life improves .

Kinds of internships:

Our Forge Internship is a 6-month paid internship specifically designed for college and university graduates with knowledge and passion for international development. Forge interns are emerging Christian leaders who want to put their skills to practical use and take the next step in their careers. They also share a strong commitment to seeing communities around the world grow into fullness of life characterized by dignity, hope, justice and peace. The Forge offers the opportunity to develop a real work portfolio, integrate faith with vocation, and make a tangible, sustainable contribution to International Teams Canada’s transformational development programs.

  • 6 months of paid intensive international development experience in both international and local contexts
  • practical coaching and mentoring to help you move from theory to practice
  • training and experience with program design, monitoring and evaluation
  • program fundraising and technical grant writing
  • networking and career development opportunities

Desirable skills:


University/Bachelor’s degree or certification and specialized training as needed in International Development, Community Development, Global Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies etc.

Specialized knowledge

  • Knowledge of Results Based Management, particularly program design, monitoring and evaluation concepts and techniques.
  • Administrative knowledge and skills such as organization, word processing, strong written communication.
  • Language skills (depending on location, French or Spanish may be required).
  • Well developed research and writing skills.
  • Experience using word processing software, Internet, Skype, etc.

Core Competencies

  • Leadership
  • Adaptability
  • Reflection-in-action
  • Teamwork
  • Organization
  • Planning
  • Communication


Prior international experience is an asset, but is not required.

Number of internships: 2 for 2018-19.

Location of internships: Location of internships: With existing iTeams Canada programs. In  2019–2020 the 2 interns will go to Kenya.

Duration of internships: 6 months total (2 1/2 months on location and 3 1/2 months in Canadian office).

Costs: All work related costs are covered, but interns will work on fund-raising skills with a goal of raising $10,000 toward programs.Accommodation: Local leadership will make appropriate arrangements. Interns pay for their own room and board while working in the iTeams Canada office. Their accomodations are covered while they are on location, but they are responsible for their own food costs.

Insurance: Covered by the internship.  

Medical coverage: Through iTeams Canada's benefits program.

Training: 4 days per week, 7 hours per day for 4 weeks in September. Paid full time. While it includes some instruction, most learning will be in the context of work related to the program which will host the intern. Themes include iTeams CA systems, Program DME, and Integrating Faith and Vocation.  

Evaluation:Yes - based on the coaching relationship with Forge leadership and on completed assignments: one 6 month Program Report, one or more technical funding proposals and a research project related to the program the intern works with. Evaluation will be shared with Wycliffe College.

Volunteering: There is no opportunity for volunteers with the Forge internship. However, other iTeams CA programs do sometimes have opportunities for volunteers. Information is available at I-Teams Canada.

Faith statement:

We believe in one God, eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We believe that Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit, was born of the virgin Mary, was true God and true man existing in one person and was without sin. We believe in His representative and substitutionary sacrifice, His bodily resurrection, His ascension to the Father, His present life as Lord of all, High Priest, and Advocate, and His personal return in power and glory.

We believe that the Holy Spirit indwells and gives life to believers, enables them to understand and apply the Scriptures, empowers them for godly living, and equips them for service and witness.

We believe the Scriptures of the old and new testaments are the inspired word of God, fully trustworthy and the final authority in all matters of the Christian faith and life.

We believe that each member of the human race is fallen, sinful and lost; that the shed blood of Jesus Christ provides the only ground for forgiveness of sins and justification to all who receive Him by faith; and that only through regeneration by the Holy Spirit can they become children of God.

We believe that the one, holy, universal church is the body of Christ, composed of all regenerate people. This redeemed community worships God and seeks to proclaim the Good News to all people.

We believe in the bodily resurrection of the just and the unjust, the everlasting blessedness of the saved, and the everlasting punishment of the lost.

Revised 11/94.

International Teams also accepts the Lausanne Covenant and the World Evangelical Fellowship Statement of Faith.

Contract: Contracts will be negotiated and devised on a per case basis.

Deadline: May 15

Application to: Please submit applications by Email.


Latin American Mission

Address of Organization: Latin American Mission, 500 Coldstream Avenue, Toronto, M6B 2K6. 


Contact Person: Carluci Dos Santos 

Phone: 905-569-0001. 


Work of organization: Latin America Mission (Canada) Inc. is an international evangelical community of men and women who, motivated by their love for the Lord Jesus Christ and in obedience to His commands, partners with Canadian and Latin churches and institutions, as well as international Christian organizations to encourage, assist and participate in building the Church of Jesus Christ in Latin America. 

We are engaged in church planting, counselling/prison ministries, camping ministries, Christian grade schools (kindergarden through high school), orphanages, relief projects, social development projects, theological training (seminaries, universities, bible schools), language school (Spanish), youth at risk programs. We work in 16 countries in Latin America. 

Kinds of internships: We could place students in any of the areas in which we develop ministries. Placement will depend on qualifications and the particular interest of students. 

Desirable skills: Students who have a 'servant's heart' and who are willing to work with and under national leadership. (All of our missionaries work under national leadership.) Ability to speak Spanish is desirable but not mandatory. Some cross cultural training is desirable. 

Student Interns would need to be committed to the historic evangelical faith. 

Other skills will depend on the kind of project the student is looking for: teaching bible, teaching grade school, etc. 

Number of internships: Unlimited number. 

Location of internships: In any of our projects in Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, or Honduras. We could also explore placement in the Canadian Office, and in Brazil, depending on the area of expertise and interest of the intern. Placement in any Latin American country is a possibility.

Duration of internships: It varies from 2 weeks to 1 year. 

Costs: Student interns will have to raise their own support (living, travel, and some administrative fees). Costs will depend on length of stay and type of project. 

Accommodation: Accommodations will be provided. 

Insurance: Student interns will have to buy extended insurance (if they already have provincial medical insurance). Insurance varies according to length of stay. 

Medical coverage: We have an extended medical coverage which presupposes the insured has provincial medical coverage. The cost averages $128 per person per month and it is only available to Canadian citizens/residents. (There is a special rate for a family with children.) 

Training: Our basic training is through TIM, Tyndale's sponsored mission prep-course. This two week orientation is for people who have never travelled nor have had any prior exposure to other cultures and want to serve for longer than a year. 

Depending on the length of stay, we require language training which can be done in Canada or in a language school in the country of service. (We would make the necessary arrangements.) 

Evaluation: Evaluation will be provided with the mutual agreenent of the intern. There will be a contract with the intern whereby he or she agrees to meet with a supervisor who will be assigned to him or her. The number of meetings will depend on the length of the stay, and type of project. There will be a minimum of one evaluation per period of internship (if that period is shorter than a year). 

Volunteering: Ideally, the student would spend a few days in our office to familiarize himself/herself with our organization, its history, philosophy, and projects. 

Faith statement: We have room for people with reservations to subscribe to our faith statement (below), but would like to know what those reservations are. Given that it is a short term experience, interns would not be required to subscribe. 

Statement of Faith
We believe in one God, creator, and sustainer of the universe, who eternally exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
We believe in the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, sinless life, redemptive death, bodily resurrection, present exaltation at God's right hand, and the blessed hope of His personal return.
We believe in the Deity and Personality of the Holy Spirit, who works in all people to bring them salvation through Christ and who dwells in believers, equipping them for lives of holiness and fruitful service.
We believe the Bible to be the divinely inspired, and authoritative written Word of God, the only infallible rule of faith and practice.
We believe that all have sinned and therefore are guilty before God and are under his condemnation.
We believe that through the death of His Son, Jesus Christ, God in love provided an atonement for sin, so that, through repentance and saving faith in Christ, man is delivered from the judgment of God and is born again into life eternal.
We believe that the Church is composed of all true believers and that the mission of the Church, with Christ as its Head, is to communicate the Gospel of Christ to all the World.
We believe in the resurrection of the body, the eternal punishment of unbelievers and the everlasting blessedness of believers in the presence of Christ. 

Application form: Available from website, under tab GET INVOLVED, scroll down to APPLICATION FORM. Complete and return to the Executive Director

Deadline: 3-6 months prior to desired start date. 

Contract: See Here

Further: Following the receipt of initial application form (online), there will be an interview and a formal application. Three reference letters would be requested. 


The Lighthouse

Name of Organization: The Lighthouse.

Address of Organization: 1008 Bathurst St. Toronto, ON M5R 3G7.


Contact Person: Rob Datema 

Phone: 416-535-6262 

EmailRob Datema 

Work of organization: The Lighthouse works with refugees, newcomers and immigrants within the Chinese, Hispanic and Vietnamese communities. The Lighthouse has a food bank which provides assistance to many in our neighbourhood.

The Lighthouse provides support programs for the Vietnamese, Hispanic and Chinese communities. Some of the programs are settlement services; skill development and employment services; parent education workshops; support group for seniors, parents, and women; individual and family therapy and support counselling; family camps; income generating courses; ESL; food bank; income tax clinics for low income and other programs. All the programs are part of the holistic approach of addressing the spiritual, emotional and physical needs. (Check the holistic wheel on the website.)

Kinds of Internships:
If a student contacts us about doing an internship at The Lighthouse, we will meet with them to discuss what they want out of the internship and to see whether there is a possibility available at The Lighthouse.

We usually have 1 or 2 students doing an internship/field placement each year. Each placement/internship has different lengths of time depending on the requirements.

Desirable skills:
We usually decide when a student approaches us about doing an internship and we see whether the internship fits with the type of work we do at The Lighthouse.

Number of internships: No set number.

Location of internships: Most of the internships are done at The Lighthouse. Sometimes we ask the student to go to the Scarborough location where we have some programs.

Duration of internships: Most internships/placements are usually 4 – 6 months.

Costs: The student should not have to incur any costs. Any costs related to the programs, The Lighthouse will cover. Most of these costs will be approved before spending takes place. The Lighthouse covers any travel expenses between different locations of the programs.

Accommodation: N/A.

Insurance costs: No.

Medical insurance/coverage: N/A.

Training: During the first week of the internship, we will provide an orientation which will focus on expectations related to working with our clients, focusing on confidentiality agreement to be signed the first week, begin the process for police check, going over the policy on safety at the workplace and reviewing our policy manual.

Evaluation: There will be an exit interview and discussion with staff on the intern after the internship is complete.

Volunteering: This can be arranged if necessary.

Statement of faith: We do not have a statement of faith but we ask the intern to uphold our Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Our Core Values. They can be found on our website under the link “Who we Are”.

Application form: No formal application. We look at requests from students who contact us to see whether they can do an internship or a placement.

Application to: Rob Dotema.

Deadline: None.

Contract: N/A.

Matthew House

Name of Organization: Matthew House Refugee Reception Services, Toronto. 

Address of Organization: 981 Dundas St. West, Toronto, ON M4J 1W4. 


Contact Person: Anne Woolger, Founding Director  



Work of organization: Matthew House is a small shelter in central Toronto which, since opening as a permanent home in August 1998, has welcomed, sheltered and assisted approximately 1500 refugee claimants from close to 100 different nations who would otherwise be homeless in the city. Currently there are no federally sponsored programs that shelter or help “refugee claimants” (those who are “unsponsored” and ask for asylum upon arrival in Canada) and hence they are simply classified among the homeless. Few city-funded shelters are geared to meet the unique needs of refugee claimants and some are forced to stay at very rough city shelters where they are sometimes “retraumatized” by the experience. 

Therefore Matthew House was established to fill this very great void by providing a small family like homes specifically geared to meeting the needs of refugee claimants. Matthew House believes that God's call to "welcome the stranger" includes refugee claimants from all nations, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, political ideology, or sexual orientation. Matthew House strives to be a place where God's love is felt and communicated within an atmosphere of welcome and peace. 

We currently have three homes and will soon be opening a forth:the main shelter that assists refugee claimants immediately upon arrival as well as a three secondary transition homes nearby where people can stay for a longer period of time depending on their level of vulnerability.  

A ground-breaking new program that Matthew House has recently developed is the "Refugee Hearing Program" which offers a "simulation" of the actual refugee hearing that a refugee claimant must undergo, in order to help prepare them for their hearing before the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB).  It has met with widespread enthusiastic support as an excellent means of helping refugee claimants effectively prepare for their time before the IRB.  Matthew House has expanded our program and now offer it to refugees at other shelters in the city in addition to Matthew House.

Currently there are 7 full time and 4 part time staff at Matthew House as well as "'live in" volunteer house parents at our transition homes.

Kinds of internships: An internship would/could entail a wide variety of activities (depending on an interns skills and areas of interest) but would certainly include hands on involvement with newly arrived refugee claimants. It may involve assisting residents with their initial settlement needs such as escorting to appointments, providing orientation to the city, assisting with the Refugee Hearing Preparation program or simply being a good listener. It may also involve helping the with communications, strategic planning and donor development projects depending on the intern's areas of interest. 

We also have several transition homes for which we sometimes require "live in" volunteer House Parents who can live in the homes at no cost - simply in exchange for ministry support. 

Desirable skills: We would desire someone who is compassionate, flexible, a good listener, able to see opportunities and take initiative and cross-culturally sensitive. Linguistic skills such as French or Tigrinya would be an asset. 

Number of internships: Probably just one but we could consider another. 

Location of internships: The work would be primarily located at our main shelter sites in downtown central Toronto (Dundas and Ossington area) but could involve home visits throughout the city and occasional travel beyond (such as summer camp in Muskoka). 

Duration of internships: The internship duration can be customized to an interns requirements. The longer the better from our perspective. 

Costs: None specifically and some meals may be provided if they happen to arrive at Matthew House at meal time. 

Accommodation: Free room may be available if a student (preferably as a couple), is open to serving as House Parent(s) in one of our transition homes.  Please inquire as to availability.

Insurance: Matthew House itself has full insurance coverage.

Medical coverage: No, just our usual liability insurance for an organization like ours. 

Training: Most of the training is "on the job". Ideally if an intern were full time, they could attend relevant conferences such as the Canadian Council for Refugees etc. Attendance at our staff meetings would also be encouraged for a full time intern. 

Evaluation: Yes. 

Volunteering: Yes, we would welcome it. 

Faith statement: Matthew House is a ‘Jesus community’ that lives out our faith through seeking to live His example in all that we do. All members of our community commit first and foremost to doing what Jesus said. Jesus is the lens through which we understand the Bible, and through which we understand the world in which we live.

We believe in Jesus’ words, and his teachings compel us to believe that all people are made in the likeness and image of God and worthy of dignity and honour. We embrace and serve people of all faiths and we respect and advocate for the well-being of all people as children of God—including those with whom we may differ. Our faith compels us to serve others, especially those who are poor, oppressed and overlooked by society.

As a member of the Matthew House Community, I believe in God the Father, creator of heaven and earth, in Jesus Christ his only son and in the Holy Spirit.

I acknowledge Matthew House is a Christ following, faith-based organization. In my role as a leader within Matthew House, I recognize my responsibility to contribute to the furthering of the faith foundation of Matthew House through my work and my life. I will actively reach out to continue the work of Matthew House in partnership and relationship with churches and other organizations in the diverse community in which we live.

Application form: We have general volunteer applications which could be completed. Prospective interns should email us to obtain an application and then it can be sent to Anne Woolger if they are interested in an internship. 

Deadline: Any time before the student deadline. 

Application toAnne Woolger   (

Contract: At present we only have our standard volunteer contract. 

Other: As per standard regulations, an up to date police checks is required.


Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)

Name of Organization: Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). 

Address of Organization: 1038 Woodbine Avenue, Toronto, M4C 4C4 


Contact Person: Allan Reesor-McDowell (Toronto); Cath Woolner for Ontario and International. 

Phone: 416-423-9229 (Toronto Office) or 519-745-8458 (Ontario Office). 

EmailAllan Reesor-McDowell or Cath Woolner

Work of organization: Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) is a relief, service, and peace agency of the North American Mennonite and Brethren in Christ churches. The MCC Mission Statement reflects the biblical call to care for the hungry and the thirsty, the stranger and the naked, the sick and those in prison (Matthew 25:35-36). MCC works internationally and also has programs in Ontario. To learn more about MCC please visit here for local programming, and here for international work. 

Kinds of internships: There are a variety of possibilities for internships with MCC, both locally and around the world. 
In Ontario, possibilies include (but are not limited to) the areas of Restorative Justice, Refugees, Walking with People in Poverty, and Interfaith bridgebuidling. 

MCC works in over 50 countries, and there are internship possibilities with the Serving and Learning Together (SALT) program, a unique year long cross-cultural immersion experience for Christian young adults from the United States and Canada. Service assignments are available in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America/Caribbean and the Middle East. 

The SALT program seeks to further:

  • International goodwill and understanding through experiencing life outside of one's cultural, economic and social milieu
  • International reconciliation and peace-building by encouraging participants to act as bridge-builders between their home and host communities
  • Personal commitment to the world-wide church via participation and sharing in the life of Christian communities around the world
  • Participants should be open to spiritual, personal and professional growth 

Desirable skills: Participants in the SALT program need to be single, 18 to 27 years old, U.S. or Canadian citizens, actively participating in the life of a Christian church and committed to non-violent peacemaking. 

Interns in Ontario would not need to be within the set age limits above. Relevant skills and background necessary would depend on the program. 

Number of internships: Changes from year to year: Typically 5 or more in Ontario, 60 in the SALT program. 

Location of internships: Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Niagara, and International. 

Duration of internships: 6-11 months. 

Costs: Marginal for local internships. Up to $5000 for international placements. 

Accommodation: In Toronto, No. Elsewhere, including international, MCC organizes. Typically home stays within communities that MCC work alongside. 

Insurance: No. 

Medical coverage: Locally - No. Internationally - Yes (Included in costs of SALT program). 

Training: The Toronto office is in the process of developing a mentoring program for interns. For Ontarion and International there is one week oriantation in Pennsylvania, and onsite in the country of placement. 

Evaluation: Yes. 

Volunteering: MCC's work is supported by a large number of volunteers throughout North America. In the Toronto area there are two areas that volunteers can contribute: 

  1. Restorative Justice: Circles of Support and Accountability
  2. Walking with People in Poverty: Lazarus Rising, a partnership with MCC and Sanctuary which seeks to build community with, and support street involved people 

See here for a number of other volunteer possibilities throughout Ontario. A phone conversation with Allan Reesor-McDowell will clarify the suitability of local or international internships. 

Faith Statement:
We believe in Jesus Christ, God's son, as the revelation of God as Saviour and Lord of all who accept Jesus Christ by faith. 
We believe that the Christian church is composed of those who commit themselves to live under Christ's lordship and to share with each other. 
Christian love is a central quality of the Christian faith and becomes the basis for our relationship with all people regardless of creed, ethnic origin, nationality, gender or political view. Our response to human conflict, injustice, war and racial tension is based on the biblical teachings of nonviolence. The service ministry of the Mennonite Central Committee is established as a positive expression of this understanding.
Worker recruitment and eligibility policies will include three key criteria: Christian statement of faith; membership and participation in a local Christian church; 
and a belief in peacemaking as a call of obedience to God's love of humankind. These elements are occupational qualifications necessary for carrying out MCC's programs. 

Application FormForm for overseas with SALT only. 

Deadline: SALT application deadline is Feb. 15th. Local internships are more flexible.

MCC Restorative Justice

Name of Organization: Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) 

Address of Organization: 150 Kent Avenue, Kitchener, ON N2G 3R1 


Contact Person: Human Resources Coordinator, Michelle Brenneman. 

Phone: 519-745-8458. 

EmailMichelle Brenneman

Work of organization: MCC is a relief, development and peace organization that responds to basic human needs and works for peace and justice, locally and globally. In Ontario, MCC's program areas include aboriginal neighbours, restorative justice, walking with people in poverty, refugees, Low German newcomers and also operates 14 thrift shops that support the work of MCC. Internationally MCC has programs and workers in more than 50 countries working in agriculture, community and economic development, health, education, and peace and justice. 

Kinds of internships: There are a diversity of internships available; some are developed by local programs and others by the interests and skills of the prospective intern; some potential internships include women's community chaplaincy, Circles of Support and Accountability (restorative justice), refugee engagement strategies, TOOLS program assistant (Toronto urban immersion program), poverty researcher, and communications. 

Desirable skills: Skills for the internship in Restorative Justice include ability to be a good listener; flexible; willing to take direction; good intuitive skills; able to work as part of a team/group as well as independently; some information about criminal justice system preferred; driver's license preferred; criminal background check will be required; ability to travel will be beneficial; and understanding of systems including criminal justice system desirable. 

Skills applicable to internships with MCC in general include for flexibility, and a desire to walk alongside program participants, building their capacity rather than creating dependence; open to learning. 

Number of internships: 6. 

Location of internships: Kitchener, Toronto, St. Catharine's. 

Duration of internships: 2 months to one year; one day/ week to full-time. 

Costs: To and from placement is student's responsibility but may depend on placement. 

Accommodation: N/A. 

Insurance: Covered under MCC's volunteer liability insurance. 

Medical coverage: No. 

Training: This will be dependent on the internship; local orientation provided to the work of MCC locally and globally; equity training provided yearly. 

Evaluation: Yes. 

Volunteering: Yes, dependent on the program and location. MCC Ontario has opportunities within thrift shops and material resources as well as in front-line programs around the province. 

Faith Statement: We believe in Jesus Christ, God's son, as the revelation of God as Saviour and Lord of all who accept Jesus Christ by faith. We believe that the Christian church is composed of those who commit themselves to live under Christ's lordship and to share with each other. Christian love is a central quality of the Christian faith and becomes the basis for our relationship with all people regardless of creed, ethnic origin, nationality, gender or political view. Our response to human conflict, injustice, war and racial tension is based on the biblical teachings of nonviolence. The service ministry of the Mennonite Central Committee is established as a positive expression of this understanding. 

Worker recruitment and eligibility policies will include three key criteria: Christian statement of faith; membership and participation in a local Christian church; and a belief in peacemaking as a call of obedience to God's love of humankind. These elements are occupational qualifications necessary for carrying out MCC's programs. The intern must abide by MCC's vision, mission and lifestyle expectations. Mennonite Central Committee shares God's love and compassion for all in the name of Christ by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice. 

For particular lifestyle expectations of MCC that interns would be expected to adhere to, see here

Application Form: See here which has to be signed and returned to Cath Woolner, Human Resources Coordinator (above). 

Deadline: Ongoing throughout the year.

Partners International

Name of Organization: Partners International. 

Address of Organization: 8500 Torbram Rd Unit 56, Brampton, ON, Canada, L6T 5C6. 

WebsitePartners International

Contact PersonDavid Hunt, Director International Operations. 

Phone: 647-544-4481. 

EmailDavid Hunt, Director International Operations. 

Work of organization: Holistic development. Partners International has 70 years of learning and expertise in the development of indigenous organizations, specializing in the most difficult contexts for development around the world. Partners International has been a thought leader in the area of intercultural partnerships and missiology, coining such phrases as the "10/40" window, and championing indigenous ministries and organizations since the 1940s, long before it was commonly acceptable. As a result, Partners International has a depth of learning about effective intercultural partnerships, is a model for best practice in partnership, and has a vast network of eyes and ears on the ground around the world to advise it of new opportunities. Interns with Partners International will gain exposure to some of the most excellent methodologies for sustainable local development, as well as exposure to cutting edge emerging indigenous organizations. 

Kinds of internships:
International Development Exposure, International Development Research, International Business and Charitable Administration Exposure, Educational and other Occupational Participation Internships (curriculum assessment, agricultural management, water and health). Canadian Charity Administrative and Marketing Internships.

All international placements are supervised on a day-to-day basis by local national partner staff and not Canadians. 

Desirable skills: Partners International is looking for students whose goal is career service in intercultural holistic mission. We appreciate individuals who are passionate about the cause of Christ, have enough maturity to travel and live overseas without much assistance, show an attitude of humility and are self-motivated and adaptable. Languages skills (Portuguese, French, Arabic, Bengali, Spanish, Mandarin) may bring increased opportunities for placement. 

Number of internships: 3 annually. 

Location of internships: Global. Most recent postings of undergraduate International Development students have been to Lebanon, Senegal, Brazil and India. Partners International has operations in over 50 countries. Location of future internships determined by suitability, safety and interests of candidates. 

Duration of internships: One or two semesters. Canadian Office orientation and work exposure normally required. 

Costs: Typical field placement of 6 – 8 weeks is $4,000. Summer internships may be partly funded for Brampton ON residents in full time study. Other expenses are at the cost of the intern. Donations towards internships may be eligible for charitable receipts. Partners International can provide fundraising materials and training. 

Accommodation: Guest house, shared apartment or billeted as per local arrangements. 

Insurance: Required and the responsibility of the intern. 

Medical coverage: Interns acquire their own travel and medical insurance (basic extended hospitalization and emergency medical evacuation required). 

Training: Organizational procedures training before travel. Pre-field placement orientation provided. In-country orientation provided. Opportunities for language study can be provided at cost to intern. On-field professor supervision can be arranged. Provision will be made for course requirements of the intern’s institution. 

Evaluation: Local supervision will be arranged and can use evaluative guidelines and tools of the intern’s institution. Partners has its own Intern and Supervisor evaluation forms that can be used. A Partners International staff member will be attached to the intern to provide care, resolve issues, and provide training, feedback, evaluation and debriefing. In addition each intern is also provided the opportunity to evaluate their experience. 

Volunteering: Encouraged in order to gain more exposure to Partners International. 

Faith statement: Partners International subscribes to the World Evangelical Alliance statement of faith. Interns do not have to be members of any religious group but agree to abide by on-field conduct codes of host partner organizations. 

Application formDavid Hunt, Director International Operations. 

Deadline: None. 

Application toDavid Hunt, Director International Operations. 

Contract: Interns must read and consent to forms related to conduct and liability.

Poverty-Free Ontario (MCC)

Name of Organization: Advocating for a Poverty-free Ontario (MCC Ontario) 

Address of Organization: 1038 Woodbine Avenue, Toronto, M4C 4C4 

WebsiteWebsite and Blogspot

Contact Person: Tim Schmucker. 

Phone: 416-423-9229. 

EmailTim Schmucker

Work of organization: Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) shares God's love and compassion for all in the name of Christ by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice. MCC envisions communities worldwide in right relationship with God, one another and creation. Working in 60+ countries around the world, MCC's priorities are:

  • Disaster relief
  • Sustainable community development
  • Justice and peace-building

In Ontario, MCC walks with people on the margins during times of significant transition and advocates for systemic change based on our experience in community. We walk with people in poverty, refugees, those who've experienced the criminal justice system, our aboriginal neighbours, and more. 

Kinds of internships: As part of our "Walking with People in Poverty" program, we give significant energy to "Advocating for a Poverty-free Ontario". This involves social policy advocacy before the Ontario Government. An intern will work as an assistant in this ministry, with numerous possible tasks, depending on the specific interests and skills of the intern. Such tasks include: research and writing, public and constituency engagement, networking, participating in coalitions, and more. We can form the internship around the gifts and interests of the intern. 

Desirable skills:

  • Interested in and committed to social policy advocacy based on our "on the ground" experience.
  • Ability to connect the micro story to the macro system.
  • Self-motivated and willing to work without constant supervision and guidance.
  • Communication, both oral and written.
  • Passion!
  • Good sense of humour and patience (government social policy changes can take a long time).
  • Ability to connect with congregations and motivate them to also "walk with people in poverty" and "advocate for a poverty-free Ontario". 

Number of internships: 1. 

Location of internships: Toronto (and possibly Kitchener), Ontario. 

Duration of internships: Flexible. 

Costs: None, unless s/he doesn't live in Toronto or Kitchener. 

Accommodation: No. 

Insurance: No. 

Medical coverage: No. 

Training: Active and ongoing on-the-job training. 

Evaluation: Yes. 

Volunteering: This could be worked out with the intern, if desired. 

Faith Statement:
All MCC workers and interns are expected to exhibit a commitment to:
1) a personal Christian faith and discipleship; 2) active church membership; and 3) nonviolent peacemaking. 

We believe in Jesus Christ, God's son, as the revelation of God as Saviour and Lord of all who accept Jesus Christ by faith. 

We believe that the Christian church is composed of those who commit themselves to live under Christ's lordship and to share with each other. 

Christian love is a central quality of the Christian faith and becomes the basis for our relationship with all people regardless of creed, ethnic origin, nationality, gender or political view. 

Our response to human conflict, injustice, war and racial tension is based on the biblical teachings of nonviolence. The service ministry of the Mennonite Central Committee is established as a positive expression of this understanding. 

Worker recruitment and eligibility policies include three key criteria: 

  1. Christian statement of faith;
  2. membership and participation in a local Christian church; and
  3. a belief in and commitment to Biblical non-violent peacemaking as a call of obedience to God's love of humankind. 

These elements are occupational qualifications necessary for carrying out MCC's programs. 

Application Form: Contact Tim Schmucker or Cath Woolner

Deadline: Continuing.

Prison Fellowship Canada

Name of Organization: Prison Fellowship Canada 

Address of Organization: 100 King Street West, Suite 5700, Toronto, ON M5X 1C7. 


Contact Person: Judith Laus, Managing Director 

Phone: 416-915-4102 or 1-877-858-2891. 

EmailJudith Laus, Managing Director  

Work of organization: We support inmates and ex-offenders, and their families, through programmes and services. We also promote restorative justice. 

Kinds of internships:

  1. Research into areas of concern regrading the penal system, restorative justice, etc. 
  2. Work on either camping or Christmas programmes as they roll out across Canada. 
  3. Work on implementation of two new programmes (a) scholarships for young people, or (b) aftercare for ex-offenders.

Desirable skills:

  • Good research skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Attention to detail, thoroughness

 No background requirments 

Number of internships: Two or three 

Location of internships: Toronto, Ontario - GTA - southern Ontario 

Duration of internships: Variable 

Costs: None 

Accommodation: Not applicable 

Insurance: No 

Medical coverage: Not provided 

Training: As needed depending on whether it's programme work or research. 

Evaluation: There is an evaluation of the student at the end of the internship and this will be shared with Wycliffe College. 

Volunteering: For the programmes dealing with families there is administrative volunteer work available. 

For the in-prison work a long-term committment is needed, so there is no temporary volunteer work available in this area. 

Faith statement: Yes - the Nicene Creed 

Application form: Covering letter only addressed to Judith Laus. 

Deadline: None 

Application to: Covering letter only addressed to Judith Laus. 

Contract: No contract - one could be developed if needed.

Romero House

Name of Organization: Romero House.

Address of Organization: 1558 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M6P 1A4.


Contact Person: Jenn McIntyre, Director 

Phone: 416-763-1303 

EmailJenn McIntyre 

Work of organization: Romero House is a non-profit, community organisation in the West End of Toronto. We accompany newly arrived refugee families through their first months and years in Canada. This includes providing transitional housing, settlement services, emotional and social support. We also run a variety of community programs and events.

Kinds of Internships:
Our internship program gives people the opportunity to serve refugees as companions and caseworkers; to live alongside refugee families; to explore their own spirituality and its expression in service; and to be part of building and sustaining a thriving and inclusive community. Much of the work of Romero House is carried out by our committed, capable, and energetic team of interns. The role of Interns is fourfold:

  • Accompanying refugees through the complex refugee determination process as their companion: assisting them to make their refugee claim and access welfare, healthcare, affordable housing, school, and employment. You will also go to appointments together, spend social time with each other, and mark special events such as birthdays.
  • Carrying out many, varied Organisational Tasks. Some of these office based, such as processing financial donations or creating our newsletter. Others take you out into our community – fixing bikes, maintaining our houses, or running our kids’ club or women’s group.
  • As a live-in House Coordinator, you will care for both your house and those you share it with by organising house meetings; facilitating good relationships between residents; ensuring common areas are safe and clean; and responding to emergency situations.
  • Building Community. We set out to build community in an intentional way. A community of interns emerges through meeting for prayer each morning; sharing meals and cleaning tasks; spending days and evenings together; and going on retreats. We build the Romero community through holiday celebrations, our summer camp, taking families away for weekends, and being present to each other whenever possible.

Desirable skills:

To be eligible for the internship program you must be:

  • Over 19 years of age
  • Have completed high school. University education or training in specific skills are assets.
  • Emotional maturity and good judgment.
  • Have a basic understanding of English. Fluency in Spanish or another second language is valued but not essential.
  • Affirm the value of the Christian and reflective dimension of the Romero House community.
  • Willing to commit much of your time, including evenings and weekends, to being an active and present part of the community for the duration of the internship.

In addition to these criteria, we seek interns who exhibit some of the following characteristics:

  • A commitment to social justice.
  • A desire to give oneself to others in a free and generous spirit.
  • Willingness to work and live in unfamiliar situations.
  • Interest in and excitement about learning from other cultures.
  • Willingness to work hard with competence and care.
  • Ability to take initiative.

Number of internships: Each year we recruit 6 full year interns (September-July), and 2 summer interns (May- August).

Location of internships: Toronto, ON. Accommodation is provided either within one of our houses or in the neighbourhood around our office. Our work takes place in our office and neighbourhood, and also at times around and outside of the city.

Duration of internships: 11 months (Start of September to end of July), or 4 months (Start of May to end of August).

Costs: There are no costs associated with the internship. Most interns break even at the end of their time at Romero House. Compensation includes room and board; $200 stipend; and the cost of travel home at the end of the internship, where applicable.

Accommodation: Accommodation is provided for all of our interns for the duration of their internship.

Insurance costs: No.

Medical insurance/coverage: Emergency medical and dental coverage is provided.

Training: There is a two week orientation at the start of the internship program, and a weekly continuing education session.

Evaluation: Yes.

Volunteering: We also run a part time volunteer program, and we would be open to inquiries about available placements from interns before they begin their internship. Volunteer placements include English conversation partners, boutique donation sorting, reception, kid’s club support and much more!

Statement of faith: We do not have a statement of faith.

Application form: Please send a note of no more than 300 words, explaining your interest in the internship program. An application form and interview may follow. 

Application toHarold Wright.

Deadline: None.

Contract: N/A.

Salvation Army Gateway

Name of Organization: The Salvation Army World Mission 

Address of Organization: 2 Overlea Boulevard, Toronto, M4H 1P4 

WebsiteWebsite: Salvation ArmyWebsite: Salvationist 

Contact Person: Gillian Brown (Major) 

Phone: 416-467-3305 (office) or 416-388-1340 (cell) 

EmailGillian Brown 

Work of Organization: As a member of the International Salvation Army, the World Missions department of the Canada and Bermuda Territory acts as a humanitarian relief and development organization, inviting Canadians to share their resources to empower and bring sustainable change to the most marginalized people in the world. We are a member denomination of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. 

Kinds of Internships: We facilitate short term mission team for Salvation Army congregations across Canada yet recognize that this is an area in need of attention and development. Our office is in the third year of promoting an ethical giving campaign, "Gifts of Hope" and there would be opportunities to develop this further. Educational material on the Christian response to global issues, particularly for youth, would be another area in which there would be opportunities for discussion. Our office also has a significant child sponsorship program that is exploring new opportunities to provide support to vulnerable children. Finally the Salvation Army world wide has undertaken to focus attention on the issue of human trafficking. 

Desirable Skills: Key skill we would look for would be interpersonal. An understanding of the Salvation Army would be helpful although not necessary.  

Number of Internships: 1 - 2 annually. 

Duration of Internships: Negotiable. 

Location of Internships: Toronto office primarily. There may be opportunities to gain international experience through a study tour (10 - 18 days). The World Mission office would also be willing to facilitate a 2 - 3 month overseas experience. 

Costs: Local Transit (on bus route). Free parking. If an international internship is available, the cost to the intern would be at minimum $5,000.  

Accommodation: None in Toronto. Arranged by the Salvation Army if international with minimal cost.  

Insurance: None in Toronto. Yes if participating in an international opportunity. 

Medical Coverage: None in Toronto. Costs associated with international opportunities (vaccinations and medical coverage) would be the personal responsibility of the intern. 

Training: Would be designed based on the interests and experience of the intern. This would take place throughout the internship experience. 

Evaluation: Yes. 

Volunteering: Yes. The volunteering opportunities would include components listed under the internship opportunities. We would also be willing to consider the gifts and interests of the student. 

Faith Statement: Interns/ Volunteers would need to be comfortable working inside the context of the Salvation Army's Mission Statement

Mission Statement: The Salvation Army exists to share the love of Jesus Christ, meet human needs and be a transforming influence in the communities of our world. 

Application form: No. 

Deadline: No. 

Contract: Yes - as per agreement with Wycliffe College.


Name of Organization: Sanctuary Ministries 

Address of Organization: 25 Charles Street East, Toronto, ON, M4Y 1R9 


Contact Person: Thea Prescod

Phone: 416-922-0628 x 210. 

EmailEmail []

Work of organization: At Sanctuary, we are becoming a healthy, welcoming community in which the poor and excluded (most notably those living with poverty, addictions or mental health issues) are particularly valued. 

Kinds of internships: Community Pastoral Worker, building relationships with members of our Sanctuary community primarily through community drop-ins and outreach work on the streets. 

Desirable skills:

  • Personable and socially adept: much of the work involves engaging in conversation often with new faces and often with very talkative people.
  • Able to journey with very 'broken' men and women understanding that brokenness can't usually be fixed very quickly at all but still willing to make the journey.
  • Good physical condition: outreach work requires 3-7 kms of walking 2 or 3 times per week. 

Number of internships: 1 

Location of internships: 25 Charles Street East, Toronto 

Duration of internships: 2 semesters or even more if possible. 

Costs: None apart from getting here. 

Accommodation: N/A 

Insurance: No. 

Medical coverage: No. 

Training: Informal on-the-job training. 

Evaluation: Yes. 

Volunteering: Yes. This would involve simply joining us for drop-ins or outreach work exactly like the kind of work that would be performed during the internship. 

Faith statement: No. 

Application form: No application form. 

Contract: No.


Scott Mission

Name of Organization: The Scott Mission. 

Address of Organization: 502 Spadina Ave, Toronto


Contact Person: Jonathan Miller, Chief Ministry Officer

Work of the organization:

Scott Mission has been responding to the needs of those who are vulnerable, abandoned, and under resourced since 1941 by offering spiritual, practical, and emotional support for thousands of people each year. Through its efforts, the Mission, a Christian (non-denominational) organization in the city of Toronto, offers various supports & programs for in our community. Such programs are built on a foundation of basic needs (meals, food & clothing; 70+beds in our men’s shelter, advocacy) that open the way to other areas of holistic care, namely: spiritual nurturing; case management; counselling; childcare centre; summer camp and after-school programs for children and youth.

The mission is currently expanding its programming to offer opportunities for stabilization & transformation in the lives of those we serve. A 109-unit affordable housing project is underway at its downtown location on Spadina Avenue. Providing program continuity will be a priority with the relocation of key services.

Therefore, internships will be on hold until further notice, with a possibility for 2024.

Alternatively, we welcome those who wish to offer volunteer support in our basic needs’ programs: Food Bank, Meal & Kitchen Programs.

Volunteer Coordinator Contact: Trevor Smith,

Volunteering: Yes. The Scott Mission offers accepts many volunteers each year. There is a volunteer process that must be completed before a volunteer can begin with us. This includes a volunteer application form, an interview, and volunteer training. 

Mission Statement

We support and equip those who experience poverty to transition to a life of fullness in themselves, in their community, and in their Creator. To do so we provide immediate and long-term resources that offer hope, healing, and transformation, and we influence, mobilize and support partners to work together towards this transformation.

Identity: The Scott Mission is a community of Christians called to serve those who experience poverty. We do so in the love and strength of Jesus, who is God-made-poor, who unjustly suffered a criminal’s crucifixion in our place, and whom God raised from the dead, accomplishing the forgiveness of our sins and victory over all evil. God placed Christ in authority over all things, so that all things will be brought into reconciliation with himself, and thus into wholeness and true life. In light of this great hope, by the Holy Spirit’s power in us and through interdependence with others, we seek to serve with passion, creativity and excellence towards sustainable transformation that contributes to the flourishing for which God, in his love, created human beings and the world.

Scott Mission Vision Prayer: Poverty in full retreat, flourishing for all, in Toronto and beyond.

Marks of Scott Mission: We’re a community that continually seeks to be: • centred in and dependent on Jesus Christ • gracious, generous and collaborative in our relationships • servant-hearted, innovative and professional in our work • rooted in God’s rescuing work in history

Serving and Learning Together (SALT-MCC)

Name of Organization: SALT Program (MCC) 

Address of Organization: 1038 Woodbine Avenue, Toronto, M4C 4C4 


Contact Person: Cath Woolner. 

Phone: 519-745-8458. 

EmailCath Woolner

Work of organization: Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) shares God's love and compassion for all in the name of Christ by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice. MCC envisions communities worldwide in right relationship with God, one another and creation. Working in 60+ countries around the world, MCC's priorities are:

  • Disaster relief
  • Sustainable community development
  • Justice and peace-building 

The Serving and Learning Together (SALT) program, is a unique year-long, cross-cultural immersion experience for Christian young adults from the United States and Canada. Service assignments are available in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America/Caribbean and the Middle East. 

The SALT program seeks to further:

  • International goodwill and understanding through experiencing life outside of one's cultural, economic and social milieu
  • International reconciliation and peace-building by encouraging participants to act as bridge-builders between their home and host communities
  • Personal commitment to the world-wide church via participation and sharing in the life of Christian communities around the world
  • Participants should be open to spiritual, personal and professional growth 

Kinds of internships: To view current assignments, see here

Desirable skills: Participants in the SALT program need to be single, 18 to 27 years old, U.S. or Canadian citizens, actively participating in the life of a Christian church and committed to non-violent peacemaking. 

Number of internships: 60. 

Location of internships: International. 

Duration of internships: 11 months. 

Costs: $4800. 

Accommodation: Typically home stays within communities that MCC work alongside. 

Insurance: No. 

Medical coverage: Yes (Included in costs of SALT program). 

Training: Yes. 

Evaluation: Yes. 

Volunteering: N/A. 

Faith Statement:
We believe in Jesus Christ, God's son, as the revelation of God as Saviour and Lord of all who accept Jesus Christ by faith. 
We believe that the Christian church is composed of those who commit themselves to live under Christ's lordship and to share with each other. 
Christian love is a central quality of the Christian faith and becomes the basis for our relationship with all people regardless of creed, ethnic origin, nationality, gender or political view. Our response to human conflict, injustice, war and racial tension is based on the biblical teachings of nonviolence. The service ministry of the Mennonite Central Committee is established as a positive expression of this understanding.
Worker recruitment and eligibility policies will include three key criteria: Christian statement of faith; membership and participation in a local Christian church; 
and a belief in peacemaking as a call of obedience to God's love of humankind. These elements are occupational qualifications necessary for carrying out MCC's programs. 

Application FormForm

Deadline: See here.

SKETCH Working Arts

Name of OrganizationSKETCH Working Arts.

Address of Organization: 180 Sudbury St. (near Queen West), Toronto, Ontario M6J 3H2. Mailing Address: PO Box 63, STN C, Toronto, ON, M6J 3M7. 

Website: Website 

Contact Person: Sonya Reynolds. 

Phone: 416-516-1559. 


Work of organization: SKETCH is a community arts development initiative based in Toronto engaging young people who are homeless and on the margins, ages 15-29, from across Canada. SKETCH creates equitable opportunities for diverse young people to experience the transformative power of the arts; to develop their leadership and self-sufficiency; and to cultivate social and environmental change through the arts. 

Kinds of internships: Community Arts internships, details based on the skills of the potential intern and our program needs. 

Desirable skills: Experience in art making, arts facilitation, arts-based community development, youth leadership, enviro-arts and other related experience; internships or placements are coordinated if there is a good match between the applicant's skill set and the specific activities in the program they would support. Program information is available at SKETCH

Number of internships: We do not have standard numbers of internships; this is negotiated with potential interns. 

Location of internships: In various programming spaces as dictated by the program the intern is supporting. 

Duration of internships: We do not have standard durations of internships; this is negotiated with potential interns. 

Costs: There are no costs associated with the internship. We cannot cover any travel or other expenses. 

Accommodation: N/A. 

Insurance: No. 

Medical coverage: No. 

Training: Training in community arts, conflict resolution, and other themes as appropriate for the particular program the intern is supporting. 

Evaluation: Yes. 

Volunteering: No. 

Faith statement: No.  

Application form: Contact Sonya Reynolds

Deadline: Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Application to: Sonya Reynolds (above).

Contract: See the SKETCH volunteer agreement.

World Renew

Name of Organization: World Renew (formerly Christian Reformed World Relief Committee) 

Address of Organization: 3475 Mainway, Burlington, ON LRR 3Y8. 


Contact Person: Iona Buisman  

Phone: 905-336-2920 

EmailIona Buisman 

Work of organization: World Renew is the relief and development arm of the Christian Reformed Church. World Renew reaches out in God's name to people, both in North America and around the world, who are struggling with poverty, hunger, disaster, and injustice to help them find lasting ways to improve their lives. World Renew does this work in over 30 of the world's poorest countries. World Renew's overall mission is to engage God's people in redeeming resources and developing gifts in collaborative acts of love, mercy, justice and compassion. 

There are 4 major aspects to our ministry.

  1. Community Development: In this aspect of our ministry World Renew partners with more than 150 churches and local indigenous community organizations to train local people to be leaders in their own communities. Together, Word Renew and its partners help people work together to overcome illiteracy, hunger, malnutrition, unemployment, HIV/AIDS, child mortality, injustice, and other issues affecting them.
  2. Disaster Response and Relief: In this aspect of our ministry when disasters strike, World Renew responds to the urgent needs that arise. In North America, this often includes clearing debris, assessing needs, training local leaders, and repairing and rebuilding damaged homes. This is done with a local interfaith organization created by the community to address the disaster. Internationally, it includes providing and distributing emergency food, water, shelter, and other supplies. It also often involves reconstruction of homes and livelihoods. When possible, we try to connect our relief work to long term community development programs. This helps to mitigate the communities' ability to respond to a future disaster.
  3. Justice Education: In this aspect of our ministry, World Renew works with communities on issues of Peace and Reconciliation, Gender Equity, Environmental Issues, and issues of Land Rights. Our experience has taught us that addressing issues of injustice can lead help in creating sustainability in our work.
  4. Working with People in North America and Around the World: The last aspect of our ministry involves connecting people in different ways to ministry. This helps them to deepen their understanding of how we are all connected to global issues. More importantly, it helps them to use the gifts and talents God has given them to act and advocate on behalf of those in need. 

Kinds of Internships:

  1. Community Development Training Volunteer Internship - Nigeria - 10 Months
  2. Advocacy Volunteer Internship - Philippines - 3 to 6 Months
  3. Seminary Teacher Volunteer Assistant - Malawi - 3 to 6 Months
  4. Church Partnership Volunteer Coordinator - Philippines - 6 to 12 Months 

Desirable skills:

  1. At least three years of university credit in the area of focus
  2. Willingness to learn about community development 
  3. For Terms of 3 Months or Less: At least 2 weeks or more of time spent in an international setting.
  4. For Terms of More Than 3 Months: At least 4 weeks or more of time spent in an international setting.
  5. Ability to adjust and work effectively in ambiguous settings.
  6. Able to pass a background check 
  7. Some experience working or living in cross-cultural surroundings
  8. Able to nurture own faith in a sometimes isolated setting
  9. Able to take direction from others who work and think culturally different than you are used to.
  10. Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Suite including Word and Excel
  11. Self starter and able to work/guide own learning. 

Number of internships: 2 or 3 annually 

Location of internships: Nigeria, Philippines, Malawi 

Duration of internships: 3 months and longer 

Costs: $5,500 US for 3 Months, $7,500 for 6 Months, $12,500 for 12 Months. These figures are estimates and could be higher or lower based on the location of the volunteer internship. Generally urban areas of a country tend to be more expensive than a rural setting. Also, the costs for couples are generally 30% higher and for families of four or more, costs can double at minimum. 

Accommodation: Students who are not married, they will live with pre-screened local families for 2-4 weeks. In their host family homes students may have their own small bedroom or share a room with a family member of the same sex. Married students who bring their families are given small apartments or homes. 

Insurance costs: Medical insurance/coverage. Otherwise no other insurance is needed. 

Medical insurance/coverage: Medical insurance coverage is NOT available through CRWRC. Students would have to be responsible for their own medical coverage. However, World Renew will provide a list of companies who can provide "Major Medical" coverage for a student at an affordable rate. Students will provide in force medical insurance coverage for the duration of the volunteer internship prior to leaving Canada. 

Training: Prior to departure students are required to attend a three day orientation at our Canadian office in Burlington, Ontario. Upon arrival in the designated country the training will include a country specific orientation, a World Renew orientation and an orientation of the local indigenous partner. Ongoing language and cultural training is also an important part of the internship. 

Evaluation: Yes. At the end the internship, World Renew does a 1-3 day debriefing and evaluation of the internship. This process begins in the World Renew field office and would conclude in our Burlington, Ontario office. 

Volunteering: Yes. World Renew would provide some in office time prior to the volunteer leaving for the field. There may be opportunities for students to do some work within our offices prior to their formal internships. This is determined on a per case basis, as the nature of volunteer opportunities is based on present community needs. 

Statement of faith: See here

Application form: See here

Application toIona Buisman 

Deadline: Applications can be submitted at any time. However, the actual placement is based on what is first best for the field and its partners and secondly, the best fit the student and their schedule. 

Contract: See the sample service agreement here. Some items will be tailored to the student, but overall the majority of the contract will stay the same.

Yonge Street Mission

Name of Organization: Yonge Street Mission

Address of Organization: 270 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, ON, M5A 2G4 


Contact Person: Ruth Pentinga 

Phone: 416-929-9614 ext.236 

EmailRuth Pentinga  

Work of organization: The Yonge Street Mission has been working since 1896 to bring peace, justice and dignity to people who live in poverty. YSM offers many programs and services that make a real difference in the lives of people without homes, street-involved youth, impoverished families, single parents, seniors and socially disadvantaged adults. Volunteers and students are an integral part of the Mission's work and we welcome volunteers and students into many areas of our organization. 

Kinds of internships: It really depends on what the students are looking for and when they are available and the length of their internship. We could have some doing a placement with our youth (ages 12-18) program, or our children's program (ages 8-12) or Evergreen - our centre for street involved youth (ages 16-24) or our senior's program or adult program or our food bank. 

Desirable skills: Depending upon the placement of course but students should come with their own energies and ideas with a drive to work with our staff and community members to implement them. They should be caring, understanding, patient, fun-loving, trustworthy, open and non-judgemental, interested in social justice work but not with an eye to evangelizing our community members. 

Number of internships: It depends on our availability - it could be one or more spots. 

Location of internships: Various locations in downtown Toronto 

Duration of internships: Some of our programs only take a full year; others will take less 

Costs: The only expense would be transportation costs to get to YSM locations each day 

Accommodation: N/A 

Insurance: No 

Medical coverage: No 

Training: We offer an orientation to students about the entire Mission and then program specific orientation and training for some programs. Mostly it is hands-on learning. 

Evaluation: Yes if the student wishes to share that information. 

Volunteering: Yes, we have many volunteer opportunties students could be involved with. Our needs change often and as such it cannot be listed here. 

Faith statement: The statement of faith is only for certain positions that require the student/volunteer to be Christian - like Bible study involvement or with our church. 

Application form: Yes from Ruth Pentinga. We do interviews to determine suitability. 

Deadline: Before the placement begins 

Application toRuth Pentinga 

Contract: Request from the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Tom Power.


To Apply

Ahmeda Mansaray Richardson


“The MTSD program provides a rigorous curriculum to students that combines theological study on the foundations of social justice and development with practical coursework to do good work alongside communities in need. The spiritual formation provided by the Wycliffe community rounds off the experience to obtain an excellent theological and practical degree!”
Ahmeda Mariama Mansaray-Richardson, MTSD ‘18