That's What She Said (About the Bible)

That's What She Said About the BibleGeneral Introduction

That’s What She Said is a podcast devoted to telling the stories of historical women who taught others about the Bible, from the pulpit, and from the page. What did they write? What did they say? And why have we never heard of many of them?

About Marion Taylor and Kira Moolman:

Join your hosts Dr. Marion Taylor and Kira Moolman as they dig up the words of these forgotten women and explore their lives, their influences, and their relevance for today.

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Episode 5: Elizabeth Rundle Charles
   Translating Luther as Grief Therapy

Episode 4: Josephine Butler
   From darkness to light: Embracing texts of terror

Episode 3: Jarena Lee
   Paul Certainly Meant that Women Did More than to Pour Out Tea!

Episode 2: Harriet Beecher Stowe
   The Semi-Colon Club

Episode 1: Introduction
   There Are No Women Biblical Interpreters?