Process for Contesting a Named Feature

Guiding Principles for Renaming a Named Feature at Wycliffe College


In 2020, Wycliffe College developed a series of Guiding Principles to be applied when considering requests to rename any of the seminary’s named features (i.e., any room, plaque, portrait, prize, award, endowed chair, or bursary depicting, representing, or named in honour of an individual who made some sort of significant contribution to the school). 

The six principles—each with questions intended to provide guidance in their application—are meant to help decision-makers arrive at conclusions that will align with Wycliffe College’s Vision and Values, provide congruence with the Anti-Racism Statement, and promote education and respectful dialogue surrounding sensitive issues.


Download Guiding Principles for Renaming Named Features


To begin the process of submitting a request to rename a named feature at Wycliffe College, please download and complete the PDF "Request to Rename a Named Feature" form, then return your completed form via email to the Principal’s Office.