Jews, Christians and Christian-Jews: An Introduction to Judaism for Christians

Summer 2020
Start Date:
Monday, May 18, 2020 to Friday, July 10, 2020

The course explores Judaism in terms of the intersection of Jewish and Christian faith. This course will explore Jewish origins of the Christian movement, its modern counterpart in the Modern Messianic Jewish Movement, and the context out of which both movements emerged.   The course will examine the origins of rabbinic Judaism and how it developed in conversation with Christianity. It will survey Jewish history and the evolution of rabbinic Judaism. We will discuss contemporary Jewish beliefs, practices, culture, and identity in North America explored through a Christian lens. Special attention will be given to the Canadian Jewish community, her relationship with the Church, and ways Christian faith may be deepened through positive engagement with the Jewish community and appreciation of Christianity’s Jewish origins. 

This is a remote course. Each week a video will be posted.  Students are required to watch the video, read the assigned readings and then engage in both the discussion board and the synchronous Zoom sessions. The delivery of this course will be primarily asynchronous to provide flexibility for students. 6 out of 8 weeks students will be given the opportunity to participate in a live, synchronous discussion. Participation in this discussion is required at least 3 times over the 8-week course. If a student cannot accommodate this due to their schedule, they must contact the course professor to arrange an alternative assignment.

Synchronous discussion will be on Fridays in week 3-8 @ either 8 AM or 4 pm for one hour

Enrolment Notes:

In order to avoid academic and financial penalties, coure must be dropped by June 1, 2020.