Unwearied Praises: Exploring Christian Faith through Classic Hymns

George Sumner & Jeffrey Greenman

Since the earliest beginnings of the Christian Church, believers have gathered to worship God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They have expressed their faith by singing “psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in their hearts to God” (Colossians 3:16). One of the best ways to learn about and enter into what Christians believe is to sing the classic, well-known, deeply-loved hymns of our tradition. InUnwearied Praises, readers are invited to reflect upon the experience of classic hymns as a doorway into the historic beliefs and spiritual insights that have defined Christianity for centuries. Each chapter includes Scripture references and questions for reflection, making this an excellent resource for a small group study or personal enrichment. Music for the hymns is conveniently located at the back of the book for group singing.

“The current rediscovery of hymnology for worship will be greatly enhanced by this theologically astute yet highly practical volume of classic hymns. I hope, for the sake of the church’s spiritual health, Unwearied Praises, will receive a wide readership.”
- Robert E. Webber, Author of Ancient-Future Faith and Blended Worship

Jeffrey P. Greenman (Ph.D., Virginia) occupies the R.J. Bernardo Family Chair of Leadership at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto.

George R. Sumner (Ph.D., Yale) is Principal and the Helliwell Professor of Missions at Wycliffe College, Toronto School of Theology, University of Toronto.