Mari Leesment

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Wycliffe Faculty Profile

MA (York)
MTS (Tyndale)
Concurrent Phd (Wycliffe College, Toronto School of Theology, University of Toronto)
BSc (Guelph)

Mari is currently completing her PhD in New Testament (NT) here at Wycliffe.  Her areas of interest include Early Christianity, Second Temple Judaism, Greco-Roman Philosophy, and Hermeneutics.  At the moment, she is interested in the distinctions between ancient and modern ways of thinking about ethics, and the ways in which ancient conceptions question our modern assumptions and further our understanding of the NT.  Her dissertation examines ‘faith and works’ in the NT letter of James in light of the ethical conceptions in Greco-Roman philosophy and Hellenistic Judaism.  Mari has also served as a lay-leader for over 10 years at The Peoples Church and is currently serving in their Ministry Training Centre.  In her spare time, you may catch her running, hiking/canoeing, cross-country skiing, snow-boarding, or hang-gliding.   



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