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This two-day conference is an interdisciplinary gathering of academics and professionals exploring the relationship between theology, natural science, social sciences, and humanities and the way they intersect facets of the question “What does it mean to be human?” University Faculty, Students, and Professionals will have the opportunity to hear from a wide variety of speakers engaging the central questions of our theme from a variety of unique disciplinary perspectives. Along with a general call for papers that will provide fertile material for the broader discussion, we hope to encourage Christian scholars by generating fruitful conversations about "What it means to be human" across their respective fields. It is through these interactions and exposure to other perspectives that we will challenge, encourage, and inform disciplinary approaches the topic. We also desire to foster new connections between Christian scholars through the day’s activities. We hope that this opportunity will encourage and equip Christians as we engage the pressing topics of our day around bioethical concerns, dignity of the human person, and what it means to flourish in our contemporary society.