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"How can science inform our Christian anthropology and practice of ministry?" and "How does a Christian theological vision create goals and limits for medicine and science?" These overarching questions govern a host of other related questions around the intrinsic value of the human person, the nature of the image of God, the responsibility to maintain human dignity, the ethical scope of new technologies, and the engagement of human suffering in society. Typically, theological modes of understanding the nature of humanity are informed and limited by the traditional philosophical theological categories. How can we open the possibility of new horizons of understanding through the engagement of medicine, neuroscience, genetics, and other related life sciences to better equip church leaders to serve their congregations? Equally, how can medical professionals benefit from the theological, philosophical, and ethical strengths that Christian theology has cultivated through centuries of theological reflection on these themes, which will help inform their practice, purpose, ethics, and patient advocacy? Join us for our one-day workshop centred on contemporary ethical challenges facing public-facing professionals in the church, academy, or front-line professions. Along with contributions from a series of expert speakers, we will endeavor to integrate our learning through a set of practical case-studies.