The world in the shadow of God : an introduction to Christian natural theology

Ephraim Radner
Cascade Books

In the World in the Shadow of God, Ephraim Radner argues for a vigorous 
Christian natural theology and insists that such a theology must, of necessity,
 be performed poetically.

The peculiar character of such a theology is found in its disclosing of the natural limits that indicate indirectly the impinging and more fundamental reality of the divine life. Natural theology represents the encounter between created reality and the "shadow" of God's creative and revelatory grace.

However, the encounter is a morally demanding task for the Christian church if it 
is to be held accountable to the truth on which its life is based.

The first portion of the book offers an extended critical essay on the nature of this sort of natural theology, while the second provides a developed set of examples through poems that display the natural world in light of the truths articulated in the Apostles' Creed.

Those interested in the intersection of theology, literature, history, and the natural 
world will be challenged by this attempt to renew a basic element of Christian knowledge and culture.