Residence Regulations and Policies

Residence Regulations & Policies

Wycliffe College is a Christian academic community within the larger University of Toronto. We do not expect applicants to the Residence to be Christians themselves; residents represent a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds. In order to provide a quiet setting suitable for studying, we have developed a set of Residence regulations. Wycliffe Residence prioritizes graduate and second entry (after full undergraduate degree) students engaged in full-time study, but other students are welome to apply. 


Residence Administration

The residence is overseen by the Residence Don. The Residence Don handles administrative issues related to admissions to residency, resident concerns, and oversees general residence life including mediation of conflict between residents. The College administration oversees disciplinary matters. A female and a male Floor Don assists the Residence Don. The Floor Dons serve primarily as a source of information for residents; they are not intended to be counselors, nor can they execute repairs on the building itself. They will assist in directing residents to the appropriate channels for the various issues/needs that arise.

There are also a number of Wycliffe College Student Council positions related to residence life.


Residence Regulations

The following acts are prohibited and may result in financial penalties or termination of the Student Residency Agreement:

  1. The violation of any Federal, Provincial or Municipal law, rule, order or regulation.

  2. Tampering with fire safety equipment.

  3. Smoking or open flames are not permitted anywhere in the building.

  4. Excessive noise at any time or noise during quiet hours (11:00 pm to 7:00 am).

  5. Violation of overnight guest and room subletting policies.

  6. Any form of vandalism to the building, property, or property of another resident.

  7. Abusive language or violence whether physical or otherwise objectionable to a resident, guest, or College staff.

  8. Violation of University of Toronto Sexual Harassment Policy.

  9. Possession of weapon(s) or firearm(s) of any class or kind in the Residence or on the property.

  10. Negligence in following the Residence Life Expectations outlined in this document.


Residence Policies


Excessive use/abuse of alcohol is not permitted. Consumption of alcohol is permitted in the resident’s own room, and in kitchens/lounges during mealtime. The use of illicit drugs is strictly prohibited and constitutes grounds for eviction.



Bicycle racks are available in the basement. Do not wheel or ride bicycles on carpeted areas.



Residents are expected to maintain a reasonable standard of cleanliness and tidiness in their rooms. Cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaners are available on each floor for resident use. Residents must supply their own pillows, towels and linens. Beds are single/twin.


Common Rooms

The common spaces for use by residents include Cody Library, Reading Room, 2nd floor TV lounge, 2nd and 3rd floor kitchens, the laundry room in the basement, Day Student's lounge, backyard area. Other rooms and areas may be used on occasion for meetings or other purposes. A form requesting space, time, date and permission is available through the Front Desk.



Corridors and stairways are to be kept clear of any personal belongings.


Emergencies (Fire)

Residents are required to familiarize themselves with the fire evacuation procedures (see Residence Handbook) and respond to all alarms. Failure to exit the building during a fire alarm (including drills) is grounds for financial penalties and/or a fine from the Fire Department, and possible eviction. Tampering with fire safety equipment is prohibited and will result in immediate eviction. Residents found to be responsible for triggering alarms resulting in Fire Dept response due to neglect when cooking will be subject to financial penalties.


Fans/Air Conditioners

Residents are advised to bring a fan for use during hot summer months. By permission of the Residence Don, an air conditioner may be installed with an additional fee for electricity. Air conditioners are to be used sparingly (i.e., turned off when resident is away from room).


Film/TV Shoots

Wycliffe College, on occasion, hosts film/TV shoots on the premises. Efforts will be made to minimize inconvenience to residents. Wycliffe College reserves the right to host these companies on the main floor, basement and outside properties of the college.


Food Storage

Common refrigerators and freezers are available in each kitchen, and small refrigerators are permitted in individual rooms. Perishable food may not be kept in rooms unless stored in a sealed container (provided by the resident) in a refrigerator. Space is provided near kitchens for storing food.


Kitchen Facilities

Residents using the kitchen facilities must monitor their cooking at all times and ensure all stove elements are turned off after use. Residents are expected to clean their dishes and the kitchen facility immediately after use. Failure to do so may result in the loss of kitchen privileges. All abandoned dirty dishes and cutlery will be disposed of by the cleaning staff. Food must be stored in airtight containers. Unsealed boxes, bags or containers of any kind will be discarded immediately. Refectory dishes are not to be removed from the Refectory. Residents wishing to take food out of the Refectory must provide their own container or dishes.


Laundry Facilities

Coin-operated washers and dryers are located in the basement for men and, for women, on the third floor.


Liability/Property Loss

Wycliffe College is not responsible for residents’ property, and the college’s insurance does not cover the loss of personal items of residents due to theft, fire, flood, or other catastrophe. Residents are urged to insure their property through an insurance agent, and to keep their room secure when not present.



Any repairs, burned out bulbs, or other maintenance needs should be reported immediately to the Building Superintendent by way of the Front Desk.



Residence rooms are for single occupancy only. Subletting of rooms is not permitted. Only the resident may occupy the room overnight. No overnight guests are permitted in rooms. Anyone failing to comply with this policy will face eviction.



Students may apply for a reserved parking space when applying for residence. There is a monthly fee. Unregistered cars will be towed at the owner’s expense.



A resident who wishes to hold a party should obtain permission from the Residence Don at least one week in advance, and before any arrangements are made. Residents are required to observe provincial laws about serving alcohol.



With the exception of fish in a small (<50 litres), well-maintained aquarium, pets are not allowed in residence rooms.


Posting Notices

Posting notices on main hallway doors is strictly prohibited. Postings on bulletin boards must be approved in advance (see the Front Desk or the House Advocate).


Quiet Hours

During quiet hours (11:00 pm to 7:00 am) noise from talking, music, television, etc., should not be audible to your neighbour or outside your room. Guests of residents not booked in a guest room may be asked to leave the Residence after quiet hours at the discretion of the Don. Noise complaints should be dealt with by speaking directly to those concerned then to a Don who may intervene.


Window Screens

Window screens permanently installed in the windows should not be removed. Some rooms do not have window screens.



The 2nd and 3rd floors are for residents, their escorted guests, and staff only. Any other person not belonging in the Residence should be reported immediately to a Floor Don, the Residence Don, Nightwatch, or College staff. The building is locked after the Front Desk is closed for the day. Entrance to the building may be obtained by all current residents and authorized members of the Wycliffe community. It is mandatory that residents not allow anyone unknown to them into the locked building. Please keep windows are doors on the first floor closed and secure. Residents are advised to keep their door locked at all times.


Small Appliances

Heat-generating appliances such as toaster ovens, irons and kettles are available in the kitchens and not permitted in rooms.


Unpaid Fees

Marks and transcripts will be withheld from Wycliffe College students studying in any program who are delinquent in paying fees including interest on late payment of outstanding fees (1% per month). It is customary for residence authorities to advise other residential communities of the credit rating a resident has established, as well as the resident’s general suitability for residential life.



Shared washrooms are segregated. They are closed for a posted period every day for cleaning. Please be considerate of other residents and clean up after yourself.

Residents must supply their own pillows, towels and linens. Beds are single/twin


Income Tax & Residence Fees Information 

Residence fees cannot be claimed as rent for income tax purposes. We do not issue a tax receipt for residence fees or meal plan payments.

Under the Income Tax Act, universities are exempt from paying municipal property taxes.

The Ontario Income Tax Act stipulates that all students living in designated university (tax-exempted) student residences are limited to an Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit claim based on an occupancy cost of $25 for the time they resided in the student residence. Therefore, the amount that can be claimed for income tax purposes is $25 and not the full amount of residence fees paid. On Line 6114 (Student Residences) of your income tax return, tick the box to claim $25 as your occupancy cost for the part of the year you lived in residence.