Yahweh and the Sun: biblical and archaeological evidence for sun worship in ancient Israel

J. Glen Taylor
JSOT Press

This challenging, provocative book argues that there was in ancient Israel a considerable degree of overlap between the worship of the sun and of Yahweh - even that Yahweh was worshipped as the sun in some contexts. As an object created not by humankind but by God himself, the sun as an object of veneration lay outside the bounds of the second commandment and was considered by many to be an appropriate 'icon' of Yahweh of Hosts. Through its investigation of "solar Yahwism," this book offers fresh insight into several passages (e.g.Genesis 1; 32.23-33; Joshua 10.12-14; 1 Kings 8.12; Ezekiel 8.16-18; Psalms 19; 104) and archaeological data regarding the orientations of Yawistic temples, the "lmlk" jar handles, horse figurines, and the Taanach cult stand. The book argues that the struggle between Yahweh and other deities in ancient Israel took place within the context of the development of Yahwism itself.