Exciting new course offerings

A class discussion in Wycliffe College, Toronto
August 01st, 2019

Course registration for Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 is now open. In addition to our regular biblical and theological course offerings, we are excited to announce the following new courses for the upcoming academic year.


Introduction to Christian Apologetics: The Art and Science of Christian Persuasion - Andy Bannister

Have you always wanted to learn more about apologetics and how it relates to evangelism? Renowned author and speaker Dr Andy Bannister will teach the biblical, theological, and historical foundations of Christian apologetics. You will be equipped with the analytical tools to engage contemporary cultural issues as they relate to matters of faith. Topics include comparative worldview, science and faith, secularism, aesthetics, and ethics.

The Gospel of John - Stephen Chester

The Gospel of John is arguably one of the most fascinating and transformative texts ever written. For centuries, readers have been compelled by its unique portrayal of Jesus. In this introductory course, New Testament Scholar Dr Stephen Chester will introduce students to the text of John’s Gospel and to issues surrounding its interpretation. “Who is Jesus for John?” will be the guiding question with which the class is concerned. You will gain an appreciation for the Gospel's contemporary significance and for the distinctive witness it presents to the identity of Jesus.

Christology and the Traditions of Christian Spiritual Theology - Mark Elliot

How have treatments of Christology and spiritual writing influenced each other? This course, taught by Dr Mark Elliot, Professorial Fellow of Wycliffe College, examines the extent to which Christ and Christology serve as central to spiritual writing.

The Church and the Churches - Shaun Brown

The Apostle Paul says there is "one Lord, one faith, one Baptism" (Eph 4:5), yet there are dozens or even hundreds of Christian denominations in Canada. How do we make sense of that? This course will survey and compare various contemporary ecclesiologies, or theologies of the Church, by looking at how various major Christian traditions understand the Church.

"Trumpets of the Spirit" An Introduction to the Church Fathers - Brian Butcher

This is an introductory course on the Church Fathers and post-Biblical literature of the early Church. The course will also explore how these may be interpreted and employed in the context of Christian ministry.

John Wesley: Catholic Evangelical - Victor Shepherd

This is an exciting course for those who are interested in John Wesley. Theologian and Wesleyan scholar Dr Victor Shepherd will teach this course.


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