Gearing up and looking back

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As Wycliffe College gears up to mark the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation, we cannot help but turn our eyes to our own roots. And there's no better person to dig into the past than Thomas Power, Adjunct Professor of Church History, and Theological Librarian here at Wycliffe. Power says it's appropriate that the College marks the anniversary of the Reformation because Wycliffe's ideology, beliefs and values are rooted in that historic event.

“Wycliffe College was founded in and stands by the tradition of the Reformers,” he explains. “Its reformed ethos is reflected in its Six Principles, which uphold the authority of Scripture, the uniqueness of Christ’s sacrifice, the priesthood of all believers, the presence of Christ in the hearts of believers, all of which were central to the reformers.”

This blog post is excerpted from a video series created and hosted by Power, and due to be released this fall called Manuscripts, Martyrs and Moveable Type: The Story of the English Bible. It is one in a series of events and offerings commemorating the Reformation's 500th anniversary. With the dissemination of the Word of God being central to the commitments of the Reformers, the series provides a detailed introduction to the story of the English Bible as depicted on the windows of Founders' Chapel, Wycliffe College.