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Annette Brownlee

Chaplain, Professor of Pastoral Theology and Director of Field Education

DMin (Wycliffe), MDiv (General Theological Seminary), MA in Expository Writing (U Iowa)

BA in Journalism (U Iowa), MS in Library Science (U Illinois)


When I was fifteen years old I wanted to marry a priest. Naively, I thought it would ensure a good marriage! However, I suspect I unconsciously wanted to be a priest, and given that women could not be ordained in the Anglican Church at that time, marrying a priest was as close as I could get. That unarticulated desire at age 15 took me through undergraduate and graduate degrees in fields related to writing until I could claim my vocation after the church changed its position on ordained women.

I do not come from a family of clergy and was not close to clergy or clergy families growing up. I was an ordinary child in an ordinary family in the pews of an ordinary neighborhood church. But through the ordinary means of grace of worship, the sacraments, Sunday School, church summer camps, mentors and friends, God touched me and claimed me. Even as a child. It is this—the reach of the Holy Spirit to touch and transform even the most unremarkable of us through the ordinary means God has provided in the church—which I want to be able to pass on, as it was passed onto me.

In 1987, after graduating from General Theological Seminary in New York City, I began over twenty years of parish ministry, the weekly round of binding myself to God’s people and God’s Word for the sake of God’s world. I served churches in inner-city Cleveland, a reboot in Stamford, Connecticut (a blue collar town, with escalating housing prices due to its proximity to New York City), and in Pueblo, Colorado, in the American west. I was involved in mission work in Haiti and Burundi. While in seminary I met my husband (who, ironically, is an Anglican priest).

In 2007 I moved to Toronto to take the position as Chaplain at Wycliffe College. I am currently Chaplain and Director of Field Education, and I teach in the Pastoral Theology Department. I also assist at St. Paul’s L’Amoreaux.

Areas of Expertise

  • Theology as a Way of Life
  • The Practices of the Church as the Ordinary Means of God’s Grace
  • The Daily Office
  • Models of Theological Reflection
  • Preaching as a Theological Practice

Select Publications and Media:

  • “Searching for Christ in All the Scriptures: Preaching Backwards and Forwards,” The Identity of Israel’s God: Theology, Reality, and the Scope of the Christian Bible , eds. Ephraim Radner, Mark Elliott, Donald Collett, Mark Gignilliat (Atlanta, GA:  Society for Biblical Literature Press, 2020
  • “The Clear Wide Word: The Preaching of Joseph Ratzinger,” in Benedict XVI: An Evangelical Appreciation of the Theology of Joseph Ratzinger. Edited by Tim Perry, Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press, 2019.​
  • “The Ordering of Creaturely Life: a sermon on Exodus 19: 16-20:17,” in Redemption and Relationship: Sermons on Exodus. Edited by Andrew Witt, Wipf and Stock (forthcoming).
  • Preaching Jesus Christ Today: Six Questions from Moving from Scripture to Sermon. Gand Rapids: Baker, 2018.
  • “The Politics of Repentance: the Christian faith and ethics of André Trocmé” Church, Society, and the Christian Common Good: Essays in Conversation with Philip Turner edited by Ephraim Radner 2017 Eugene, OR: Cascade Books 2017.
  • “Robert in the Clutch of Grief,” In Brimming with God: Reflecting Theologically on Cases in Ministry edited by Barbara Blodgett and Matthew Floding, (Series Editor) Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2015.
  • Eyes to See: Theological Reflection for Field Education. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, forthcoming.
  • “Why Worship?” in A Guide for the Perplexed, edited by Tom Power. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2012.
  • “Not on the Same Page: Our Vocation to Spouses Who Don’t Share our Faith,” The Anglican: A Journal of Anglican identity, Vol.32 (2), April, 2003, pgs. 19-22.
  • Contributor, "The Second Readings: Acts and the Epistles," in The Lectionary Commentary: Theological Exegesis for Sunday’s Texts, pgs. 583-586 and 596-599. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2001.
  • “The Dark Night of Hope,” Journal of Religion and Aging, 1(2), 1984, pgs. 9-25.