Frank Kovacs

Adjunct Faculty

PhD in New Testament (North-West University, South Africa, MTh (North-West University, South Africa), MDiv (University of Toronto)BSc (University of Toronto)

Frank received his Ph.D in 2011 and is currently a Sessional Lecturer on the Wycliffe College Adjunct Faculty. He teaches primarily New Testament Greek and exegesis of the Lukan writings, however since 2016 he has taught a range of New Testament and Hermeneutic courses at other seminaries and a number of cross-listed courses through the Toronto School of Theology. Frank is also a Research Associate at the Department for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto. He has a special interest in sociolinguistics and New Testament interpretation, first century conceptions of the environment and economics, and Christianity’s contemporary relevance. Prior to academic ministry, he worked as a chaplain and served as an ordained minister of Word and Sacrament in the pastorate for sixteen years. He is married and has one adult daughter.

Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles, General/Catholic Epistles, Socio-rhetoric in First Century Writings, Theological Interpretation of Scripture


  • The Covenant Concept as an Organizing Principle in Luke-Acts. (Bern/New York: Peter Lang, 2022)


  • The Enthymeme in Luke 19:9 and the Salvation of Zacchaeus,” in Tyndale Bulletin 73 (2022): 119–147.
  • Jesus’ Call to Commitment in Luke 9:51–62,” in Haddington House Journal 16 (2014): 5–11.
  • The Lukan Covenant Concept: the Basis of Israel’s Mandate in Luke-Acts,” in Verbum et Ecclesia 34 (2013): 9 pgs.
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