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Mark W Elliott was schooled in Glasgow. For university he went to read Law at Oxford, then he studied Divinity at Aberdeen and gained his PhD in Patristics at Cambridge University. He then taught at the universities of Nottingham, Liverpool Hope and St Andrews (from 2003-18) and is now employed at Glasgow University where he is Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism.  His recent projects include History of Scottish Theology (co-edited with David Fergusson, published by Oxford University Press, 2019) and Providence: Biblical and Theological with Baker (2020). He is co-chair of the History of Interpretation Section at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Biblical Literature and editor of the Mohr Siebeck Series, History of Biblical Exegesis. 



Select Publications


Elliott, M. W. (2020) Jesuit exegesis, Jacobean theology, and the Scottish Church in the first two decades of the seventeenth century. Journal of Jesuit Studies, 7(1), pp. 67-82. (doi: 10.1163/22141332-00701005)

Elliott, M. W. (2018) Acta Apostolorum mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Auslegungsgeschichte von Apg 1 & 15 in der Reformationszeit. Biblische Notizen, 177, pp. 123-139.



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