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Graduate degree applications are now accepted for Fall 2020 admission

Applications are now accepted for Fall 2020 admission into the MA, ThM and PhD degree programs. Applications are made to the Graduate Centre for Theological Studies (GCTS) at the Toronto School of Theology.

The deadline for completed applications to be received by the GCTS Office is 4:30 pm (EST), December 13, 2019.

Date Published: Wednesday, October 16, 2019

17th Annual Principal's Dinner at Wycliffe College

17th Annual Principal's Dinner with Dr. Alister McGrath

On Tuesday, Sept 24, more than 150 participants attended Wycliffe College's 17th Annual Principal's Dinner, joining scientist, theologian, minister, and intellectual historian Dr Alister McGrath to discuss the topic of "Unity of the Kingdom."

Principal Stephen Andrews' address opened the conversation:

Date Published: Thursday, October 10, 2019

Wesley Huff, Michael Ramsden, Barth Netterfield, and Alister McGrath (right to left)

Einstein's God: A Theory of Everything with Alister McGrath

On September 25, the Wycliffe College-sponsored public lecture "Einstein's God: A Theory of Everything (That Matters)" with featured speaker Alister McGrath and Q&A panellists Michael Ramsden, Barth Netterfield, and moderator Wesley Huff, was held at Knox Presbyterian Church. It explored the religious views of Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientific minds of the last century.

Date Published: Thursday, October 10, 2019

Graphical art of the front view of the Wycliffe College building

Why Name a School After a Heretic?

A short animation about the inspiration behind Wycliffe College's name.

Wycliffe College is one of Canada’s largest and oldest evangelical seminaries, attracting students from diverse denominations and backgrounds from around the globe. With roots in the Anglican tradition, we train future leaders—for the Church, the academy, and the wider world—to share the good news of Jesus Christ and to live lives in his service. Learn more >>

Faculty Sermon Series on the Book of Ezekiel - Winter 2019

The Book of Ezekiel Sermon Series

Wycliffe Faculty Sermons  - Winter 2019

The Visible Shape of Christ's Life in Us - Wycliffe Faculty Sermons Fall 2018

"The Visible Shape of Christ's Life in Us" - Sermon Series by Wycliffe Faculty in Fall 2018

Wycliffe Faculty Sermons  - Fall 2018