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Vestigia Dei  – is a Latin term meaning “traces of God.” As a theological term it is associated with natural theology – that is, the view that there are vestiges of God within creation. We’ve chosen this term as the title of the Wycliffe College blog because our hope is that through these writings, readers might glimpse evidences for God as our writers interact with the wider world. 

Introducing Canada’s Newest Bishop-Elect

Arctic priest and Wycliffe College graduate, the Rev. David Lehmann (W94) has been elected bishop of the diocese of Caledonia. Communications director Patricia Paddey spoke to him recently about his faith, his October 25 election, and his hopes for the future.

Q:  Tell us about your earliest awareness of God in your life.

DL: I wasn’t raised as a cradle Anglican. I had limited exposure to church life. But every...

Thu, November 02, 2017

The Rev. David Clark, pictured in June 2017 at the site of the Auschwitz II (Birkenau) concentration camp

The Holocaust, Religious Leadership, and Contemporary Ethics: a Wycliffe Student’s Journey to Germany and Poland

By David Clark

The Rev. David Clark, pictured in June 2017 at the site of the Auschwitz II (Birkenau) concentration camp

This summer, as a Fellow with “Fellowships at Auschwitz for the Study of Professional Ethics” (FASPE), I travelled to Germany and Poland to study the history of the Holocaust and to explore contemporary professional ethics. As FASPE explains, the program provides “business, journalism, law, medical, and seminary students with a 12-day trip...

Tue, October 31, 2017

Judy Paulsen with two other colleauges

Different ways of doing church

By Wycliffe College Blog

Late last month in Sussex, England, Wycliffe’s Professor of Evangelism Judy Paulsen attended an international learning community on Fresh Expressions—a movement that explores different ways of doing church. (Judy is pictured at far left with the other members of the Canadian team, Mark Dunwoody, and Susan Bell. Missing: Rob Dalgleish who was taking the photo.)

The gathering drew together eight multi-denominational teams from Canada, the United States, the United...

Thu, October 19, 2017

An enchanting space

By Connie Chan

When the first phase of the Wycliffe courtyard renovation was completed two months ago, I took curious glances at it from the windows, from outside looking in - or inside (of the building) looking out, depending on your perspective. Work was busy at the time, and the thought of sitting leisurely in this cosy garden did not cross my mind. It was only when it...

Tue, October 17, 2017

Christianity: more than a European transplant for Indigenous Peoples in Canada

A stained-glass window in Founders' Chapel, Wycliffe College, depicts the sharing of the gospel with Indigenous people. In 1804, the year of its foundation, the British and Foreign Bible Society made its first grant for the translation of the Scriptures into a non-English language. 2000 copies of John’s gospel in Mohawk-English were printed. It was the work of John Norton, a chief of the Six Nations. 


Tue, October 10, 2017

A mystery at the heart of St. Francis

By Catherine Sider Hamilton

"Praised be my Lord

by means of all Your creatures

and most especially by Sir Brother Sun…

For he is beautiful and radiant with great splendor

And is a symbol of You, God Most High." - Francis of Assisi 


Francis is the “God-intoxicated” saint, wholly caught up in the beauty of God. It is not only that Francis is the friend of all...

Tue, October 03, 2017

The “missing link” in creation vs. evolution debates

The “missing link” in creation vs. evolution debates

By Glen Taylor

By Glen Taylor

There is something vital missing in many debates about creation versus evolution, and that is the voice of the biblical scholar.

As an evangelical biblical scholar who studies creation accounts in the Bible and also in other documents in their original context, I am frustrated by debates on biblical creation versus evolution that feature experts from only the science side of the equation but not...

Tue, September 26, 2017

More on the prediction of Christ’s return on September 23rd

Glen Taylor is Professor of Scripture and Global Christianity at Wycliffe. Part of his training included attending a seminary where the correlation of current events with biblical prophecy was widely practised.   

I read Dr. Irwin’s blog with interest and appreciation. I agree with his take on Revelation 12:1-2. It’s funny how easily Christians, like others, can fall into the trap of regarding science—in this case,...

Thu, September 21, 2017

Brian Irwin

The end of the world is at hand ... or is it?

By Brian Irwin

Dr. Brian Irwin (left) is Associate Professor of Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures at Knox College in Toronto where he teaches the course, “You, Your Congregation, and the End of the World.” He is currently completing a book on end times speculation and the use of Daniel and Revelation in the church. He is a graduate of Wycliffe College (Master of Religion, 1991).


By Brian Irwin

Have you...

Mon, September 18, 2017

Disagreeing with respect

Dr. David Guretzki (at far left) is Executive Vice President and Resident Theologian of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. He is pictured with Dr. Alister McGrath, Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at the University of Oxford. The two met on Friday, September 15, 2017 at a pre-event dinner for the "Is God a Figment of Our Imagination?" discussion, part of the Religion and Society Series.  


Mon, September 18, 2017